Almost every opportunity a person will have in his/her life is affected by the quality of the education they receive.  And, ultimately, the quality of education affects the future of our nation.

We do not need open-minded atheistic secular education.  Some years ago, George E. LaMore Jr., Chairman of the Division of Humanities at Iowa Wesleyan College, spoke to business men and women in Ames, Iowa, regarding the existence of education absolutes  that support families, human dignity, and limited government. Concerned about the retreat from traditional American values in behavioral and history studies, Professor LaMore said, “We are up to here in education and got ourselves into this mess.”  Professor LaMore continues, “…shortage is not brains, but a shortage of integrity. Our problem is not one of knowledge, but one of morality.”

The fault rests with a few secular militants empowered by harmful collective bargaining laws and union contracts that impose teacher tenure guarantees. Unions with limits can be helpful, when competition with other suppliers for buyer acceptance is encouraged. Teacher tenure guarantees enabled by teachers’ unions’ monopoly, however, have proven to be the enemy of moral standards, which empower the traditional family and civil community.

We’re in trouble.  Can integrity be restored? 

Are our Regents powerless? “Regents’ policy changes should sufficiently define and implement the elimination of moral pollution by faculty and paid speakers and should by all suitable means encourage moral improvement.”

“Those who place their present faith and future hope in law enforcement to conduct [guide] humanity to brighter times ignore a fundamental psychological truth.  It is impossible to superimpose an effective code of ethics through compulsion.  Police force provides nothing more corrective than temporary control of faulty behavior traceable to education’s failure to implant established knowledge of morality and the precepts of individual responsibility…”

Education should clearly teach morality and individual responsibility.  Our soldier boys have been dying for this ideal.  Even in imperfection it has achieved greatness for Americans unparalleled in history.  Something alien philosophies envy, but fail to provide.”  (Quotes from Grand Jury Presentment formerly cited.)

The General Assembly shall encourage, by all suitable means, the promotion of intellectual, scientific, moral, and agricultural improvement…” (Constitution of the State of Iowa, Article IX, 2nd School, Sec. 3).

D. Norris

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