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“In God We Trust” standards were provided to enrich mankind with freedom and the power for self-rule. This, the motto of the United States of America has been removed from American educational consciousness.

We believe it is our duty as citizens to bring it back so we are rightfully informed and educated. Our goal is to promote the writing and distribution of educational material empowered by the historical charters that uphold American greatness.

David writes frequently about current events in our country, reflecting on how our history is often forgotten by the radical organizations of our time, and emphasizing the importance of what our founding fathers set in place.

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Why Restore the Competition of Creation Science to Taxpayer-funded Education?

Basic American principles—“The Continental Congress of the [newly formed] United States on October 14, 1774, issued its Declaration of Rights stating that the colonists of the several states were entitled to the protections of the Common Law of England. People...

A Suggestion For Our Friends In the Judiciary

Looking to the future, at such time as the American people elect Senators and Representatives who are committed to reining in supremacist judges, a plan for "such exceptions," provided for by the Article III, Section 2, should be at hand. By the authority of Article...

The Supreme Judge

The Declaration of Independence, unanimously adopted by Congress, made four specific references to political reliance upon Higher Authority. This was not done hesitatingly. Higher authority is the resource that feeds the branches of liberty, "the Laws of Nature and...

The Prescription for Citizen Paralysis: Knowledge and Action

Liberty with prosperity came to America because the Founding Fathers had it right. They took self and all pretender gods off the throne, and they placed the King of Kings, the impartial, nonsectarian God of life and creation's nature, on the throne. "Our fathers have...

The Healing of Citizen Paralysis

Restoring educational traditions central to American greatness provides the sure basis for strong families, prosperity and limited government for, by and of the people. Many people are in the dark about the God-rejecting worldview now being imposed upon captive...

Our Values


Definite American Principles for Government Do Exist

Everyone should be educated about our nation’s heritage. Our government still relies on the same foundation from 1774, its contents holding true to this day. “With education and only education can the greatness of Creator-based belief in the American governing Charters become meaningfully applied” (William J. Petersen). That is the mission of the Heartland Foundation, Inc.

Americans should know the Founding Fathers’ emphasis on God and the Bible. In Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address (March, 1865), he emphasized God fourteen times and included quotes from the Bible. References such as these by the Founding Fathers and subsequent leaders are countless.

A Central Part of American History is Faith

Teaching US history without considering the context of the Christian faith creates ignorance to the true records of our country. We believe that every citizen should understand the faith of our founding fathers, the reasoning behind their decisions, and how that impacts the way our government works today. The secular teaching of this history leads many citizens uneducated, and we wish to change that.

A conservative historian stated: “Those who want absolute proof you cannot teach American history honestly and accurately without reference to God, go to the Lincoln Memorial and read where in Lincoln’s second inaugural, March 1865, he referred to God fourteen times and used two quotes from the Bible.”

Some fail to see that a government which includes atheistic evolutionary humanism in its public education is driven by religion. A lawsuit was brought to the Supreme Court by atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair to keep evolution in science classes and keep traditional Bible-based Creation Science out.

Oregon Federal District Judge Ancer Haggerty ruled November 5, 2014 that the religious test of God-rejecting humanism is a religion, according to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The judge also cited a 1961 Supreme Court decision, Torcaso v. Watkins, which determined humanism to be a religion.

Restoring Education Central to American Greatness | David A. Norris book

Restoring Education
Central to American Greatness

Fifteen Principles that Liberated Mankind from the Politics of Tyranny

“Patriotism is as much a virtue as justice, and is as necessary for support of societies as the natural affection is for the support of families. The Amor Patriae [patriotism] is both moral and a religious duty. It comprehends not only the love of our neighbors but millions of our fellow creatures [citizens], not only the present but of future generations. This virtue we find constitutes a part of the first character of history.”

David Norris and his wife, Carlene, have resided in Ames, Iowa since March 1954. He received a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University, with a major in agronomy, with electives in law and finance. He retired from a business career in 1982, where he served as president of the Ames Board of Realtors and chaired several local and state business and Christian organizations.

David Norris

CEO, Heartland Foundation, Inc.

“Restoring Education Central to American Greatness is undoubtedly one of the best books ever written on the subject,” James C. Magee, Ph.D., biological science, and his wife, Lois, M.Ed., a public school teacher for thirty years.

“The Norris book should be required reading in every college-level political science class,” John Stormer, pastor, educator, author, served as chaplain for the Missouri state legislature for thirty-one years.